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Rebel Action is part of The Actor Rebellion, a company run by creatives who do things differently. We put the focus on doing right by our students and have worked hard to remove barriers to quality performance training and mentoring.

With The Actor Rebellion, we have built a strong network of industry professionals, who share our ethos, to deliver our training. It means you will always be in safe hands and will have access to a wide range of skills training to help build your career. 

Why train with us?

Train to meet the growing demand for special action performers

It's no secret that more and more film and T.V. is being produced in the U.K. and the demand for combat performers is growing. As an actor or trained fighter you can learn a skill that will open up opportunities.

Learn the skills to safely deliver the goods on set

We have moved away from an exam focused model, so our programme can better bridge the gap between training and working. You will learn the skills needed to meet the demands the industry will throw at you.

Maintain your physicality and build habits

There is no doubt that a regular training regime is superior to adhoc courses when it comes to combat. Under the watchful eye of our trainers, you will boost your fitness levels, build your resilience and improve your performance beyond what you thought possible. 

Be part of a community

The industry can be a lonely place, our sessions will help you to build a supportive network of likeminded performers.

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